“One Heart” Risk Factor Checklist


This instrument complements the brochure and gives practice teams a tool to use with patients during office visits. It can help patients to focus on one issue for that office visit.

Patients can work on the entire check list or specific sections.


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How can we use the ONE HEART brochure, posters, and the

Risk Factor Checklist? 

At your practice:

* Adapt these materials in a way that works best for your clinic structure.

* Brochures:  Place brochures in the waiting room or hand them out at

* Posters:  Place posters in the examination room to serve as a conversation
starter. These will promote the brochure and checklist.

* Risk Factor Checklist:

* Have copies of the Risk Factor Checklist available at check-in.

* Develop a workflow to have the MA’s hand out the risk factor checklist for certain visits. Some clinics may want to give it to all patients for all visits.  Others may want to give it only to patients with CVD risk factors (e.g. a patient’s whose blood pressure was high on the intake vitals). Decide on a workflow that best fits your clinical environment.


In your community:

* Work with local clubs, groups, and public health organizations to place posters and Checklists around town.

* Think outside the box. Include materials in unexpected places – church service bulletins, sporting event
programs, local newspaper inserts.  Be creative!



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