For IT MATTRs 2 Providers

The University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine (CU DFM) is collaborating with the Colorado Health Extension System (CHES), and the Implementing Technology and Medication Assisted Treatment and Team Training in Rural Colorado (IT MATTTRs Colorado) project to help address the opioid epidemic affecting our state. This is a response to calls from our healthcare communities for help in diagnosing opioid use disorders (OUD) and supporting patients in medication assisted treatment (MAT) programs. With funding provided by the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), we are recruiting 300 providers to complete the MAT waiver training to become certified to prescribe medication for the treatment of OUD. In addition, we will provide support through tools, resources and team training to practice staff on implementing MAT programs.


Who is Eligible?

Providers and providers in training which include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are all eligible to complete the buprenorphine waiver training. Physicians require 8 hours of MAT training; NPs and PAs require 24 hours of MAT training. Only providers who have completed the training after May 1st, 2017 are eligible for compensation.


Medical Doctors (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs), and Residents will be compensated for the 8 hours required to complete the waiver training at a rate of $95/hr. Licensed Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) will be compensated for the 24 hours required to complete the waiver training at a rate of $75/hr. Distribution of the funds is at the discretion of each individuals employer, and their respective organizations’ policy. Please check your respective organization's policies to determine whether you can receive compensation directly or if it must be sent to your organization.

  • MD's, DO's, and Residents: $95*8hrs=$760*
  • NP’s and PA’s: $75*24hrs=$1,800*

*Participating providers applying for their DEA waiver will receive an additional $240.

Get Trained

Providers can complete 100% of your training online, or complete a hybrid training where the first half is 3.75 hours online with a 4.25-hour training in person. Check back periodically for additional in-person training dates.

    • Option Two - HYBRID - Half online, half in-person.
      • August 23rd The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) brings you "HALF AND HALF MAT WAIVER TRAINING" Course for Office-Based Treatment of Opioid Dependence. This training is organized by PCSS-MAT.
        • The FIRST HALF of the course is a 3.75-hour online training, with a required online examination.
          You MUST COMPLETE THE FIRST HALF OF THE TRAINING online and successfully pass the required examination (75% or 18/24)  BEFORE  you attend the second half of in person training. TRAINING REGISTRATION and ONLINE HALF of COURSE 1. To register and access the course follow this link to access: page 3 of the registration you will select which training you will attend:

          • Select month of your face to face training as "August"
          • Choose the following training option: "Aurora, CO on August 23rd with Dr. Ritvo."
        • The SECOND HALF of the course is a 4.25-hour in-person training that will be led by addiction psychiatry attendings Dr. Jonathan Ritvo, Dr. Alexis Ritvo and Dr. Christian Thurstone. There will be 15-30 minutes at the end for help completing the waiver application.
        •  DATE: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
          TIME:   8am-12:15pm  PLACE: Shore Family Conference Room, Ben Nighthorse Campbell Building University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
        • NPs and PAs will receive information on how to receive the additional 16 hours after completion of the in-person training.
  • Submit Your Application for your Waiver Here:
    • Upon completion of the MAT waiver training, providers must apply for a waiver through the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to prescribe buprenorphine.  You will need the following information:
      • All will need a Certificate of Completion for the 8 hour MAT training.
      • NPs and PAs will need a Certificate of Completion for the additional 16-hour training required.
    • The waiver applications are forwarded to the DEA, which assigns the prescriber a special identification number.  The DEA regulations require that this number, and the provider's regular DEA registration number, be included on all buprenorphine prescriptions.
    • The application process takes about 45 days.  If the application is approved, the provider will receive a letter that confirms their waiver and contains the new buprenorphine prescribing identification number. Prescribers are capped at 30 MAT patients for the first year. After the first year of being limited to 30 patients you can apply online to increase to 100 patients, and a year after that you can apply again to increase to up to 275 patients at any one time. 
    • Residents won’t actually complete their NOI form until they have their unrestricted DEA license.  At the conclusion of the training, they will get a survey which will generate their certificate.  They should hold on to this certificate and then when it’s time to apply for their waiver they can submit it with their NOI form. Residents may apply for the remaining $240 Waiver incentive within 3 months of completing their training.
  • Fill out your information and upload a copy of your certificate of completion for compensation. After you complete the form, you will be sent an email within 5 business days from the University of Colorado to complete your w-9. Step-by-step instructions will be included.