Regional Health Connectors

What is a Regional Health Connector (RHC)?

A Regional Health Connector (RHCs) is a local resident whose full-time job is to improve the coordination of services to advance health and address the social determinants of health. RHCs promote connections among clinical care, community organizations, public health, human services, and other partners.

What does an RHC do?

  • Connects primary care with community-based behavioral health and social services.
  • Develops three unique projects to advance community health.
  • Partners with clinical quality improvement teams to help practices prepare for new models of care and reach their goals.
  • Recommends reliable resources to improve health outcomes.

For a closer look at how an RHC might spend their day, please see our handout: <a

Where do RHCs work?

RHCs are employed by local and regional organizations, known as Host Organizations.

Host Organizations are contracted entities in each region that are responsible for hiring, guiding, and supporting the RHC. The host organization or collaboration enables the RHC to coordinate stakeholders and mobilize action to address local priorities by:

  • Ensuring the RHC is engaged in existing relationships and forging new relationships with local partners.
  • Supporting the RHC as he/she develops and implements three specific regional projects.
  • Expanding the scope of the Host’s work and joining a statewide network in developing the RHC workforce.
  • Enabling the RHC to serve communities across the region and address local priorities, rather than focusing on organization-specific projects.

For more information about the role of RHC Host Organizations, please see our handout: Regional Health Connector Host Organizations.

How do RHCs work with you?

The RHC in your region might:

  • Connect you with partners interested in reaching similar goals.
  • Engage you in developing and measuring projects that address what keeps us healthy in and outside the doctor’s office.
  • Identify innovative action steps for your practice or organization.

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