PTO Professionals

The involvement in the SIM Initiative involves the help and guidance of various PTO professionals, including:

  • Quality improvement coaching through creation of QI teams
  • Help with development and updating of a SIM Practice Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Identify/help resolve challenges in achieving objects
  • Coordinate/facilitate practice site access to additional practice transformation, including coordination with the RHC (see below)
  • Assist in development and updating of a SIM Data Quality Assessment (DQA), including identification and assessment of current HIT resources
  • Support enhancement of practice capacity to implement data-driven quality improvement
  • Aid in implementation of practice workflow for data collection, reporting, validation and analysis, and use this to create data-driven quality improvement priorities
  • Link practice sites with technical assistance through SIM and non-SIM HIT resources
  • Provide information regarding state and regional transformation and community health resources
  • Connect practice sites to local public health and other community resources
  • Establish ongoing supportive relationships that can be sustained beyond the scope of the SIM program
  • Data aggregation tool available upon SIM involvement to view total cost of care, data across medical neighborhood, population health and more
  • Connection to the Colorado Telehealth Network to help practices access federal telecom subsidies
  • Connection to Health Information Exchanges to maximize data exchange with other clinicians and hospital systems