Perry Dickinson, MD

Director, Practice Innovation Program

Kyle Knierim, MD

Assistant Professor
Associate Director of Practice Transformation

Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD

Practice Transformation Program Manager

Allyson Gottsman

Colorado Health Extension System Program Manager

The Practice Innovation Team

Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, RD

Title: e-Learning Team Lead
Email: Bonnie.Jortberg@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW, SIM
Role: e-Learning Program Director and co-author of the PCMH, ENSW, and SIM e-Learning modules. Dr. Jortberg’s work is focused on patient engagement and self-management support to advance primary care.

Dionisia de la Cerda, MPA

Title: Professional Research Assistant
Email: Dionisiadelacerda@ucdenver.edu
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Supports research projects located in the Department of Family Medicine and the Colorado Health Extension System, with a focus on ENSW.

Doug Fernald, MA

Title: Evaluation, Qualitative Lead
Email: Doug.Fernald@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Oversees qualitative portions of the ENSW protocol, co–leader of the Evaluation and Research Workgroup, works with practice facilitators to ensure data collection and feedback.

Elizabeth Stanton, MSTC

Title: Medical Writer
Email: Elizabeth.Stanton@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Writes and revises written documents for ENSW, advises on communication aspects for the project.

Heather Stocker, MA

Title: Project Manager
Email: Heather.Stocker@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: SIM
Role: Project Manager for the State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative within the University.

Kristin Crispe

Title: Professional Research Assistant
Email: Kristin.Crispe@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: TCPi
Role: Provides programmatic support for the TCPi Initiative.

Kellyn A Pearson, RN, MSN

Title: Learning Community Manager
Email: Kellyn.Pearson@cuanschutz.edu
Role: Provides technical assistance to practices and PTOs via webinars and conference calls, determining curriculum, recruiting speakers, presenting topical sessions and providing logistical support for the learning community’s monthly meetings and quarterly collaborative learning sessions.

Lauren Shviraga

Title:  SPLIT Administrator
Professional Research Assistant
Email: Lauren.Shviraga@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: SIM, ENSW, TCPi
Role:  Manages the development of the Shared Practice Learning and Improvement Tool (SPLIT), and monitors data collection for various practice transformation projects.

Mark Gritz, PhD

Title: Director of Operations
Email: Mark.Gritz@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW, SIM
Role: Works with the PI, Project Manager, and other project leads to support timely execution, to meet deliverables and contribute to evaluation.

Miriam Dickinson, PhD

Title: Practice Transformation Program Manager
Email:  Miriam.Dickinson@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW
Role:  Focus is research study integrity, randomization, IRB, data analysis, and liaison with national evaluation team.

Mollie Bailey

Title: Research Operations Coordinator
Email:  Mollie.Bailey@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW, SIM, TPCi
Role:  Staff and project support in the  Department of Family Medicine and the ENSW initiative along with Collaborative Learning Session coordination.

Robyn Wearner

Title: Instructional Designer
Email: Robyn.Wearner@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW, SIM
Role: An Instructional Designer and co-author of PCMH, ENSW and SIM e-Learning modules. Focused on patient engagement and self-management support to advance primary care.

Tristen Hall, MPH

Title: Professional Research Assistant
Email: Tristen.Hall@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Provides qualitative research assistance to the evaluation of ENSW, including data collection, analysis, and writing.

Lauren Quintana

Title: Research Services Coordinator 
Email: Lauren.Quintana@cuanschutz.edu
Initiative: ENSW, IT MATTRs 2
Role: Provides programmatic support for ENSW and IT MATTTRs 2.