10/8/17 TCPi as MIPS Improvement Activity

On Monday October 2, we shared an email with practices and PTOs that engagement in TCPI qualifies practices to receive credit for a MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) Improvement Activity in 2017. When they report for MIPS they attest to their engagement in TCPi as an Improvement Activity, the letter we sent them is their “proof” […]

Substance Use Disorders Part II: Opioids

The CO Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health is pleased to announce that the Substance Use Disorders Part II: Opioids training module has been released. The module is available on the University of Colorado eLearning platform at https://cuelearning.org/. All members of primary medical and behavioral health integrating practices are welcome to register and complete this timely […]

10/2/2017 SIM Sends Practice Reports

Updates from the Colorado SIM Office SIM Cohort-1 practices received actuarial cost and utilization reports, compiled by Milliman, last week to help them understand how and where their attributed members are using healthcare on an aggregate level. The report includes inpatient and outpatient facility utilization and costs, emergency room, professional services (broken out separately for […]

9/2/2017 SPLIT Updates

The full release of SPLIT, including the ability to update your own PTO information and the assignment of individual Practice Facilitators and CHITAs to participating SIM Cohort 2 practices is in its final stages of completion. We are all incredibly excited to see this innovative tool in use in the very near future. Thank you […]

9/15/2017 Official SIM Cohort 2 Kick-Off

SIM Cohort 2 officially kicked off September 15! The majority of Practice Participation Agreements (PPAs) have been returned and Standing Purchase Orders (SPOs) sent to PTOs participating in SIM Cohort 2. PTOs can begin work with practices that have submitted the required documentation (their signed PPA and W9). The University is sending daily emails to PTOs […]

9/27/2017 Performance Improvement Facilitator 101 Training

The University’s Practice Innovation Program Colorado is pleased to sponsor Performance Improvement Facilitator 101 Training for new practice facilitators who are supporting practices in SIM. This two-day in person training provides foundational facilitation competencies in addition to three months of mentorship from experienced coaches to equip new practice facilitators with the basics that they need […]

10/4/2017 SIM Cohort 2 Introductory Webinar for Practices

A 45-minute introductory webinar for Cohort 2 will be held on both of the dates below. The webinar content is the same on both days covering an overview of SIM and expectations related to Cohort 2. Please encourage practices to attend and consider attending as well. The webinars will be recorded and posted in the […]

10/4/2017 Buprenorphine Waiver Training for Prescribers 

IT MATTTrs 2 is accepting provider registration to receive compensation for completing their buprenorphine waiver training that prepares them to assist patients with opioid use disorder. The next Front Range provider training is half virtual and half in person and will be on December 1. There will also be a training in Grand Junction on […]