It is time to take an “all in” approach to improving the health of Coloradans. Practice Transformation Organizations (PTOs) are key to helping practices and communities achieve the Quadruple Aim – improved health, better experience of care, lower costs, and more a more joyful healthcare workforce.

PTO’s share a common approach to health care system transformation by deploying Practice Facilitators (PFs), Clinical Health Information Advisors (CHITAs) or Regional Health Connectors (RHCs). This team builds relationships with practices and communities, getting to know their unique priorities and working as partners to carry out a plan to improve health of individuals, their families, and their communities.

Over twenty organizations actively collaborate as CHES PTOs, and the list continues to grow.

Whether your team is a longtime leader in helping health care practices improve, or beginning to consider how your organization can become more involved, the Practice Innovation Program invites you to become a CHES Practice Transformation Organization. Email us today to find out how your organization can be a leader in these exciting changes as a CHES PTO.

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